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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any product, service or participating in any program from Venturetechnica LLC you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes All services performed are done so using proven techniques. These techniques have had a history of positive results. The internet and technology in general changes rapidly. In many cases this can occur without warning. Factors such as this (for example) are out of our control. In some cases techniques may suddenly no longer produce the same level of results. For this reason there is no guarantee of any particular result of our efforts.

Backup Services
All backup services offered are for the creation of backup file(s) for the customer to download and/or save. We do not offer any backup storage or retention services. The security and integrity of the backup we provide is the responsibility of the client.

Data loss, hacking, viruses, defamation
Venturetechnica LLC is not responsible for damages or expenses resulting from the activity of hackers, viruses, internet trolls, end users, equipment failure, data loss, data corruption, theft or other activity.

Payment and Refunds
Acceptable payment methods include all major credit cards or cash. All sales are final. No refunds will be given for any service. Any physical parts or equipment sold are subject to their original manufacturer warranty where applicable.

Late Fees
Late fees will be added to any invoice more than 10 days past due.
Web / Internet / Social Media / Full Presence Management Services
All management services are provided for already existing profiles, websites, blogs, stores, etc. Initial setup, creation, design, development or implementation is not included in monthly management costs. In most cases Venturetechnica LLC will need account credentials to multiple services to provide management services. This information will only be stored in a secured non-public location with limited access. Your account credentials will never be shared or publicized. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Venturetechnica LLC of any password changes. It is the customer’s option to provide secure information via email as email may be insecure. All management services require payment in advance. Unless otherwise specified there is no contract and you may cancel ongoing management services at anytime. Upon cancellation we will continue to service your account for the amount of time you have pre-paid for. No refunds will be provided. All other terms and conditions apply.


Any discounts offered apply only to our services and have no cash value. Discounts expire on any invoice more than 45 days past due unless otherwise noted.

Time Estimates
All mentions of time including project timelines, turn around time, response time or other statement that is provided in written or verbal form is only an estimate. While we will do our best and typically meet every deadline we do not guarantee it.

3rd Party Fees and Expenses
Unless specifically stated otherwise; Venturetechnica LLC is not responsible for any 3rd party fees or expenses that may be required or are incurred for your project or service. This includes but is not limited to: credit card processing, hosting, security certificates, licensing, parts, equipment, 3rd party labor costs or other services.

Special rates and service limitations are in effect during holidays. See service descriptions or contact us for details. The following are considered holidays for all business conducted by Venturetechnica LLC: – All U.S. Federal (Postal) Holidays – Flag Day – Day after Thanksgiving – December 24th – December 31st – St. Patrick’s Day

Grammatical or other text errors
In most situations content is submitted to the customer for approval before going live on the internet. It is the customer’s duty to review any and all text, images, pricing or other details on the website, social media or other location on a regular basis. Venturetechnica LLC is not responsible for any errors or misrepresentations.

We do not and will not ever sell anyone’s contact information or personal details. This includes but is not limited to: name, business name, address, credit card information, email address, phone numbers. Any information provided to law enforcement regarding a client requires a legally executed warrant. We will not advertise any business relationship or use any work we have done for a client in any sort of portfolio or other example of our work without the client’s permission.

Links and Blogs
Venturetechnica LLC has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Internet web site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Kompleet IT of the site. Use of any such linked web site is at the user’s own risk. Any and all “blogs” or “news” posts are provided as basic points of interest. Venturetechnica LLC is not responsible for the accuracy of any content provided.

Job Creator Program
Participation the Venturetechnica LLC Job Creator Program is optional and totally free. No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited. Organizations may remove themselves from the program at anytime by submitting a written request to Venturetehnica LLC. Venturetechnia LLC reserves the right to require organizations to re-apply for participation on an annual basis. Venturetechnica LLC may deny any organization’s application for participation for any reason. Venturetechnica LLC may remove any organization from the program at any time for any reason. While participating in the Job Creator Program Venturetechica LLC and it’s subsidiaries may use your: organization’s name, brand, logo, product name, product logo, images, likeness or participation in the Job Creator program without notification or compensation in any marketing or publication effort as they see fit. Participating organizations will not receive compensation for any activity. Venturetechnica LLC will only post or publicise positive content. Content that is submitted for publication will be publicized at the sole discretion of Venturetechnica LLC and may be subject to editing. Venturetechnica LLC makes no guarantees, warranties or promises of anything whatsoever. Venturetehnica LLC will not be held responsible for errors, misrepresentations, service outages, data loss, or any other damage resulting directly or indirectly from participation in this program or other association with Venturetechnica LLC.

Broadcast, Video, Audio, Podcast, Etc.

Venturetechinca LLC is not responsible for the comments or actions of the guests, hosts or any other party during a live broadcast or recorded event.

In many cases media content is uncensored. For this reason audience discretion is advised.

Phone System

All equipment is pre-configured and tested in our test environment before it’s shipped out to the customer. In most cases customers can plug in the system at their location and go. Sometimes additional configuration is required depending on the situation and specialized features requested.

Venturetechnica will provide detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to set up the device in a typical environment.

It is highly recommended that the installation be performed by your usual IT service provider as they will have the best knowledge of your network and other factors. Any changes or network configurations required are small and are typically made quickly.

Optionally, Venturetechnica can provide these services either remotely or on site (where feasible) for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Required components which are NOT included:

Telephone serviceThis system utilizes SIP Trunks and/or Traditional POTS phone lines. Ideally if you have this service in place already we can pre-configure your system for it. If you don’t have service at time of order or if you change phone service you may be required to reconfigure your system which is not included. If you need low cost phone service options we can help, just let us know.

Internet connectivity  –  You need connectivity to the internet in your main and any satellite locations. If you need options for internet service providers please let us know.

Network switchYou need a network switch to connect the phones to. Most businesses already have network switches in place for their computers. Typically those will work just fine. We recommend a full Gigabit speed switch with QoS where possible. Power over Ethernet (PoE) optional. If you need a new or additional network switch you can add it to your order here.

Network wiring / outlets – Each phone needs to connect to a standard Cat5/6 RJ45 network connection. A 3ft cable to connect each phone to each outlet is included.

A Computer – As management of the system is web-based, you’ll need at least one laptop or computer available to configure or make changes to your phone system. An ipad or other tablet device may be work as well but is not guaranteed.  

Static IP (optional) – If you wish to access your system from outside your main location you need a static IP address from your internet service provider.

Firewall Configuration (usually optional) – If you wish to access your system from outside your main location you’ll need to configure your firewall to allow incoming access to the phone server.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice

Last Update: September 1, 2015