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Modern Digital Marketing & PR in the Music Industry

14 Sep Modern Digital Marketing & PR in the Music Industry


Every week, we receive a digital boatload of e-mail from indie artists who want to know if they should invest in a publicist and digital marketing to help push their new song or album to the masses. Some artists ask us for recommendations and connections, many others simply don’t even know what a publicist really does and what they can potentially really do for their career.

After having the same conversations over and over for years now, it’s abundantly clear that there are some very sizable misconceptions about the role of PR and digital marketing in the music business. Never fear, we got you.

In an effort to help clear up some of the confusion and to better educate the unknowing portion of the indie music populus, we reached out to seven trusted digital marketers and publicists we’ve worked with, many for almost a decade now. Together, we discussed the true benefits of digital marketing, the difference between publicity and digital marketing, what an artist’s expectations should be for a paid marketing campaign, and what the future holds for digital marketing…..

Read the entire article at:  Real Publicists Break Down How PR & Digital Marketing Really Works, Really | DJBooth

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